About Us

Welcome to Vintage79 Boutique! I'm Sarah Houghteling, owner/operator/head boss babe around these parts, and I'm so excited you're here!  V79 came about after years of dreaming of opening a 70's boho boutique, blasting Fleetwood Mac all day and selling velour bell bottoms and fringe everything.  Living in Alamogordo, New Mexico...well, that's maybe not the aesthetic around here.  And that's okay, because I still manage to sneak a little bit of the boho in every now and then. ;) 

When I began Vintage79 in 2018, I was 100% online and out of my house. In 2021, that's still about 30% true.  In the fall of 2020, Maggie Nowell of blush Beauty Bar approached me about setting up inside her salon, and we've been full force ever since!  The blush team are my fashion muses and inspiration, and I am so blessed to be sharing a space with them.  If you're ever in Alamogordo, I hope you'll drop by and shop; besides V79, you can find beaded and leather earrings from Casting Feathers, polymer clay earrings from Body & Boho, baby and toddler accessories and clothing from Kala C, body care from Desert Rose, and much more!

A little about me: my husband Scott and I have two rascals that you'll see pop up in our Instagram stories constantly, Rhi and Scotty. Between the kids we don't have a lot of free time, but we do enjoy watching Ghost Adventures and traveling when we can. The kids and I LOVE to bake and make TikTok videos...well, they make the videos, I make random cameos that make my daughter scream at me lol. I've lived in Alamogordo going on...gosh, I guess 15 years now? That's a long time! But I love it, I'm definitely a "desert rat" - if it drops below 70 I'm pulling out the sherpas!!

That's V79 and me in a nutshell. If you ever have questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out: vintage79boutique@outlook.com is the fastest way to find me. Have a super day and thank you for shopping with Vintage79 Boutique!